Monstar Creations

Multimedia artist who loves creating art, clothing, and accessories.SITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Upcoming Events:
Silver Age Comic Con July 13-14 2024 Reno, NV
Past Events:
Dark Corner Haunted House Oct 19-21 2023 Reno, NV
SNAFU Con Nov. 17-19 2023 Grand Sierra Resort Reno, NV

Commission Prices

Status: OPEN

Digital/Traditional Art

Additional $5 for complex shading and background

Headshot: $10

Half Body: $20

Full Body: $30

Reference Sheets: $50

Denim / Faux Leather Jackets: $70 painted, $90 embellished
Can also do Real Leather with an additional charge

Outlets: 3x1 $10, 3x3 (pictured) $20

I have more examples of my work on all my social media and my Portfolio tab.

If you have any more questions, please don't be afraid to ask! Press the CONTACT button at the bottom of the page to contact me about any queries and concerns! I accept payments through Square, Venmo, Cashapp, and Zelle!

Terms of Service


If you agree to the Terms and Service, and are ready to recieve a quote, please go to the Contact form and fill it out stating that you want to commission me (this setup is temporary)

About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my page. My name is Laney/Monstar. I am a fulltime college student and art major (Digital Media). I enjoy creating art, playing video games, listening to rock and metal, and reading fantasy-based books.The reason why I started this business is because I aspire to be an artist fulltime. I truly love creating and crafting, and would love to share that passion with all of you.Current setup:
Program: Krita and learning Procreate
Tablet: XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro and Apple IPad Air 4th Gen

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Contact me about commissions or general queries by filling out my contact form down below.
Or email me at [email protected]
Please be as detailed as possible.